6th cohort of Montreal Challenge

  • We are please to present the participants of the 6th cohort of Défi Montréal.

    • Now in Store

      Now in Store 

      Now In Store is a platform that allows businesses to instantly create smart catalogs. Over 8,500 businesses use Now In Store to build smart catalogs because we’re easy to use and 10 times faster than competitors. Now In Store directly integrates with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy and Storeenvy to make catalog creation and customization a breeze. In one click, businesses import their products and customize their catalogs with a simple drag and drop interface. The product catalogs can either be downloaded as a PDF or shared through a unique url to send to clients. This allows b

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    • Nexalogy Environics

      Nexalogy Environics 

      Since 2010  Nexalogy has been generating powerful business insights by  navigating the torrents of conversations online. We have  proprietary semantic clustering algorithms, unique visual outputs and powerful conversation sculpting capabilities in a SaaS platform which allows you to:
      Discover new markets Identify risks Reach out to influencers Track

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    • Optina Diagnostics

      Optina Diagnostics 

      Optina Diagnostics is a leading provider of molecular ocular super-spectral imaging systems. Our technologies improve patient health through early disease detection and by improved patient treatment monitoring. Optina Diagnostic IRSTM is the first commercially available ocular imaging system [ under investigational use ] to offer comfortable, reproducible and high-contrast, super-spectral imaging. IRIS delivers quantitative measurements capable of identifying multiple metabolic processes and holds great promise for early diagnostics of age-related macular degeneration and ocular diabetic re

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    • Exagens


      Created in 2012, exagens is formed by a team of online and mobile banking pioneers. Exagens management team brings decades of experience in the creation of easy to deploy, innovative solutions. Banking has always been about relationships. This premise is being put to the test by the new digital lifestyles of the 2.2 billion banking customers worldwide. Exagens mission is to help banks and credit unions humanize their digital channels. Exagens solutions recreate the relationship as a digital one, to improve customer experience, sales and loyalty. Exagens Perso

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    • Herd Wisdom

      Herd Wisdom 

      CrunchBase InformationHerd WisdomInformation provided by CrunchBase

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    • Mobilman


      Launching fall 2013, Mobilman, a SaaS, allows contractors to better manage their mobile tradespeople and sub-contractors via mobile devices. On a daily basis, contractors must juggle multiple trades, trades-people, and job sites. Each and every day contractors and project managers must address Rubics Cube sized dilemmas in order to maximize revenue. Mobilman allows the contractor to know which of the tasks that have been issued have been completed successfully, and where the trades people are. With realtime access to time & task as well

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    • TickSmith Corp.

      TickSmith Corp. 

      TickSmith Corp. Financial big data solutions TickSmith offers cloud-based and on-site solutions to exchanges, trading networks and financial institutions that have to accumulate and index huge quantities of financial data. TickSmith has built the first "big data" platform that dramatically lowers the cost of managing financial data. Its powerful indexing and retrieval tools also make data more usable than ever. The firm is already managing 1 Petabyte+ of data. TickSmith is Montreal-based and has a sales office in New York.

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    • TagMyDoc


      TagMyDoc is the only service that offers everyone an instant access to the latest version of all documents. TagMyDoc makes your most updated content available anytime, anywhere and in any context. With TagMyDoc’s revolution, no matter where your document is saved, may it be on your computer, in your Dropbox, or simply on paper on your coffee table, it will always offer immediate access to its latest version and all of its functionalities. Using the service, even an outdated document will always offer you an instant & direct link to its latest version. When you are ready to publish yo

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    • BrainBank


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    • SmartPay.me


      SmartPay.me is next generation of frictionless e-Payments solution. We’re an e-Wallet that stores your ID, you payment and your loyalty cards.

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    • Nadurel Pharma

      Nadurel Pharma 

      The Company Created in 2006, Nadurel Pharma Inc. is a pharmaceutical company with a unique business model who specializes in the marketing of specialty products. Nadurel Pharma distributes drugs and approved natural health products with approved therapeutic indications and evidencebased clinical data. Nadurel Pharma also has a sales force calling on physicians. Products sold by Nadurel Pharma are unique, patented or innovative products that answer the needs of a growing number of consumers seeking alternative therapies that are both natural and efficient. Since its inception, the

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    • Phytimpact


      Phytimpact is an e-biotech, a unique concept offering effective and reliable health alternatives for people with type II diabetes. In 2030, four billion people will be diagnosed with diabetes worldwide. Thanks to our business model, which combines a Web marketing strategy (online store) for rapid sales with an R&D strategy that is always on the lookout for innovative technologies and ideas, Phytimpact is constantly adding to its online store, the natural global reference for people with type II diabetes (www.natural-diabetes-store.com). Our diverse range of products li

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    • Radical Semiconductor

      Radical Semiconductor 

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